First up, yes really everyone does call me Crackle! It's a nickname I have had since I was tiny and I love it!!

I am a commissioned portrait photographer. What this means is that I have moved forward in my craft from just being the photographer that is ready to photograph everyone and everything. I have evolved as I have learned my business and increased my talent. After 12 years of having a busy full time studio I now seek to create unique work for each wonderful person I am privileged to photograph. Work that has real depth, meaning and connection.

This is a collaborative journey - that will change us both

Part of what I love about my chosen creative outlet is the relationships that I develop with clients. Together we will create art to tell stories that make you smile, lighten your step, show your strength, your beauty and empowers your sense of self. Together we will create a collection or art piece that shows a theme that is your why, at this moment in time. The reason you were drawn to have a portrait created right now.

I want each and every client and their child to walk away from our time together feeling special, validated and empowered.

With my imagery I want to tell stories that empower people. Stories that help people see how they are loved. Art that shows how special they are, how strong they are. Images that will encourage you to follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and cherish the moment of now in the journey.