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Truthful Tuesday (On Wednesday!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016   |   Personal
Well the word for the year is focus and that is what I have been doing. Its been great to just let go of so much stuff and pursue what I want... This inspired me to go back and play with this image. I found it when I was looking for something else I photographed a few years ago... but little Ella who is now so much bigger stopped me and made me realize I am lost in my own story right now, which is why I have been absent from blogging. This is good, this is ok!! 
Learning point for the year so far... it doesn't just happen you have to plug away daily and then inspiration and creativity have room to explore and be present. Some good reads if you are pursuing this path are Elizabeth Gilbert's new book Big Magic If you are more of a listener her Ted talk is also great  
I was also feeling chilly which warmed up this image a lot... but for the mood I am in and the cosy settled feeling that reading and stories give me it feels just right for me. 
Wishing you warm days full of inspiration. Crackle

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