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Truthful Tuesday 5

Tuesday, April 19, 2016   |   Personal
Well spring has sprung and I am so thankful - its finally shining light into my studio space and with the dancing rays of sunshine comes a return of creativity. First a shout out to my good friend Julianne Jonker who posted a beautiful image today and that set my brain a thinking...  
Lately I have just been taking life slow and photographing landscapes and still life images. Today the siren called, and i went back to a shoot from last year. My woodland nymph - this the first step in what will be a mixed media piece, but I was so happy to just play again and feel free to create with no pressure, I had to share! 
Sometimes I think we can put so much pressure on ourselves, the easiest solution is to not do anything. Today that burden has been lifted, the attitude that took over my head was Who Cares, and from that thought I have had some fun! 
Enjoy the sunshine!

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