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Wednesday, April 12, 2017   |   Personal
This post comes due to the inspiration I got in New Zealand from an illustrator her work is magical to me. Its whimsical, dreamy, playful and the titles to her pieces are gorgeous. So a big shout out to Amanda Cass 
I needed new inspiration and a challenge during this long winter that has kept on going and going here in Montana. My lovely friend Jude's mom gave me a card by Amanda when I had to leave - it was called Love is a Symphony It gave me an idea to try and recreate these magical, fun cards with real people and thereby tweak my photoshop skills and make me learn something new. 
So thanks to my lovely little mate Layla - here we have my take of Love is a Symphony

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When I was visiting Layla she was up for everything so we made another - this is a take on Transformation.  
I have more to come but for now - enjoy!! It was fun to do something different learn more about some tools I am lazy to learn in Photoshop and as always inspired by other artists - thank you Amanda!!!

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