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Thursday, August 10, 2017   |   Personal
So I had set such good intentions for August and then life stepped in and threw out a huge curve ball. 
Our youngest son is down in New Zealand ski training and last week we got the call every parent dreads. He had a bad fall and landed on his head and was being heli-vac'd to Dunedin. This is a long way from Polson and Missoula, Montana. Add a 19 hour time change and busy doctors it turned everything upside down. The inability to talk to a doctor was the hardest part. Our other son fortunately was traveling and going to Dunedin that day. His plans were also put on their head as he ended up in the hospital trying to get his brother to recognize him and deal with the insanity of the situation rather than reconnecting with friends he had not seen for 4 years. We finally talked to a doctor at about 3am our time Thursday/Friday night. Who said if this were their child they would already be in the airport. So began 60 hours of travel that basically bought us full circle.  
The best news was once we reached Vancouver BC we got a message and picture of Charley - on his feet and Discharged.... Still very unclear of the details of the incident and post care but relieved is the understatement. So we are back home and recovering. I came back to the lake where we had many friends visiting - they were all here having fun and looking out for us. So we are now rested and back on track. 
The challenge will recommence!! New playful images coming soon. Here is one that I took the other day on our return when I sat and watched the sun rise and wondered at all that had passed in just 60 hours and how an instant - a split second can turn your life inside out, upside down. However, the world and days keep turning - blessed and so thankful for the friends and family who stepped up to help us, here and in New Zealand. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It all means so much more than I can ever say in words - I love you all - and you know who you are xox. Relationships are the bridge to life being full and rich - so grateful for you all and this magical place we all live.

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