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Day 1 of Challenge - August 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017   |   Personal
So following from my last post - I am in a period of wanting to stretch and grow. My good friend Brooke Shaden who is an incredibly talented conceptual artist, completed a 31 day challenge in July to create something new every day. Something that pushed her creativity. She has now challenged her community to follow up and do 15 days of personal challenge. 
So I signed up and am in. The posts will be a day behind the challenge, to give me time to reflect and decide what to share. Yesterday's theme was rebirth - what a great one for me right now! So we also had to create in a confined indoor space. A black box of a room is not the place I would like to go back to... I am looking to grow, stretch and learn. Challenging myself creatively and within my photoshop skills. 
The month is pushing me to get off my duff and explore some things that I think of often, symbolism, myths, spirituality. In my wanderings on the internet I found the amazing work of this woman, and her illustrator totems.. I hope she will excuse my borrowing the totem, its super low res, but go check her work out and classes she is super talented and a new momma!! 
So here is the piece inspired by the theme rebirth.

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