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Challenge - Day 2

Friday, August 11, 2017   |   Personal
So day two's challenge was to show emotion with no face visible. I did make this on day 2... however by the time I was going to post it the world for us had gone off kilter - see post below... So I am now about a week behind on the challenge. Have no fear I am going to finish!! Just a time delay... anticipation delay?!! 
Before I knew what the rest of the day would bring in terms of emotion I was thinking of my kids, how fast they have grown and how fast they have spread their wings. I rejoice for them, I am so proud of them, I even envy them for being at the start of their great life adventures and brimming with self confidence to launch forth into the world.  
This picture has nothing to do with them!! This picture is for me. To remind me just how bad it feels to let another control your emotion, your feelings. To never let someone else's words - careless remarks make such a wound on me. This picture is to remind me to hold strong, have faith in myself. To take control and make positive changes. To break the pattern, to remember why its always important to move forward to grow, stretch and push myself to be more. To not shut out the world and people from my heart - but to look within and be kind to myself and figure out why I hurt, what in me do I need to patch back together.

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