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Challenge - Day 3

Monday, August 14, 2017   |   Personal
Day 3 - this was the image I was going to make before the world split open and turned life upside down. As I sat flying through the air not knowing what the outcome was going to be I stared out the window of the plane with so much going through my head. The great result that Charley was ok was a huge relief. It wasn't until we got back home that the reality of all we had been through and what could have been a nightmare and horrible conclusion hit me. This moment occured when I opened the fridge door and saw all the food I had bought 60 hours earlier - it felt a lifetime ago. I crumpled to the floor and had a good cry...  
This image is not what I had originally planned before the phone call that began the crazy. It now symbolizes so much for me - it may be only in sketch form right now but it is definitely a start, and a whole different take on what I had had in mind as an ending.... Endings have always held potential and hope - it was a huge shift to contemplate an ending for my child that could of affected his whole future. I felt totally out of control, falling through space, unable to do anything - including being by his side to hug and console him. Life can change in an instant... hold those you love and believe in the good... Thank you dear friends and family who have rallied and supported us this past week.

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