Crackle - Natalie - thank you so much for your kind words - its been making the business fun again to have a more creative approach, less busy, more creative is the mantra! (10.23.15 at 10:50AM)
Natalie - Hi Crackle, Your work is truly beautiful, artful and unique. I love the part of your journey that you have put into words on this post, and feel inspired to bring about change in my own approach to my Photography! (10.23.15 at 2:35AM)
crackle - Thanks Becky, its good to finally feel the fire and excitement again! Then something happened this evening that reinforces that belief... so despite the wobbles keep going forward... So sorry we missed you this weekend, need more notice next time please! xox miss ya! (8.3.15 at 9:19PM)
Becky Huff - As usual Crackle, your work is amazing! This new direction seems to be just what you need professionally. I'm so happy that you have the courage to this kind of change for yourself! Maybe one day my lil Mason will get to be one of your subjects! (8.3.15 at 4:38PM)