By limiting the number of commissions I accept each year, I have more time to work with each and every client and deepen the connections that are so much the inspiration behind the image.

I seek to create artwork that is meaningful and beautiful to the subjects within the frame. This is not a chance happening. It is the result of a collaboration, a meeting of spirits and ideas. It is an extremely personal process for my clients . For that I am so grateful for their time, trust and stories that they share. This is a deepening relationship that leads us down the creativity path and results in a truly unique personal piece of art for them. One that we begin to design and conceptualize together.

By commissioning me as your portrait artist, we begin the discovery process. The what, the why, and who is the story. Key elements that dictate how we will create your art. Is it a fine art series that will tell a personal tale? Is it the capturing of generations in a location that is full of history and meaning to you all? Is this about a unique moment in time for an individual? Which ever path we take, the commission guarantees the start of a wonderful journey, that will be deeply personal and unique to you.

It is truly my hope that during working with each client I will ignite something in them that empowers them. That leads them to believe in themselves. Lets them commit to their dreams and helps them feel the fear but leap anyway. Together we will create artwork that is fitting and true for you.

Commissions begin at $1200.